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Go-Pro-Mode is absolutely the "BEST SHOT YOU'VE GOT" to be successful in the real estate industry!
In Arizona, your chances of being in this business after you have completed your first 2 years is horrendous. The failure rate is said to be between 80 to 85 percent. However, it's not what they taught you in the real estate school that is the problem, if you're a Realtor, they did their job getting you licensed. It's the brokerages that failed!
Brokerages Fail Realtors Day after Day, especially large franchises! Brokerages Kill the dreams of thousands of Realtors every year, and most of the Realtors, the Designated Brokers never even knew. Then, those Realtors, with the dreams that have been killed, blame themselves and feel guilty because they've let everyone down.
The dreams they dreamed now seem like nightmares. The hopes they had are dashed and the guilt flows over into their families lives and beyond. 
Lets be blunt! You need to choose a brokerage that has the time to mentor and train you and the patients and the persistence and the desire and the knowledge and the willingness to want to see you succeed. A hired trainer or recruiter doesn't care if you succeed or not, nor do they profit if you succeed, beyond keeping they're job another day. 
At PRO-formance, my desire is to see you fulfill yours and your families dreams. Whether you want to be the top agent in the brokerage or to just do a deal or two a year to keep busy, it doesn't matter to me. My desire is to do what I can to help you progress into the future of your dreams whether it be to stay with us for a long time, or for me to teach you to become an Owner and Designate Broker of your own company!  
Do you think any franchise would want you to leave them or to leave a team at their company? Of course not! They are all about the numbers and not the agents! Franchises try to buy smaller successful independent brokerages like PRO-formance everyday, just to raise the number of agents they have. This is how the largest brokerage in Arizona did it! Ask me, I can show you the recent letter I received from them and I can tell you all about the others who constantly bombard me with calls and letters and annoy me with their desire to add PRO-formance to their portfolio. NEVER!
At PRO-formance, we are about your dreams and your desires and we work with you and for YOU! Our goal is to help get you to where you want to go.
Every Brokerage will say they have the best training tools, the best support and so on, so the question is, why do so many Realtors fail? The brokerages of course will say it was your fault, the Realtors. They will accuse you of  not watching enough of their online training, or for not taking correct notes while learning about paperwork from someone who has never sold a home. Never will they look in a mirror and place the blame where it should be.
When I attend functions such as a Career Expo, I look around the room and think about all the agents whos dreams are going to be crushed and hearts broken by broken promises and out right inaccuracies of  what they are being told. It is very sad.
Please reach out to me anytime if you would like to chat. I am very passionate about PRO-formance and Realtors success. My mobile number is 623-570-9971. 
Following are several unique ways that PRO-formance is different from most companies, and when I say different, I really mean different.  Please read as much as you can or just give me a call anytime.
Thank you and good luck with your career. If you are already committed to another company, not a problem at all and I wish you the very best, but PLEASE DON'T QUIT WITHOUT GIVING PRO-FORMANCE REALTY A TRY, THAT WOULD BE AWEFUL.
Below, you will learn more about PRO-formance Realty as it relates to Values, Innovation, Support and Training. If you really want to get deeper, read the ABOUT Tab.
You're Awesome, don't forget it!! 
Thanks again! 

Pro-formance Difference

Being on the edge of watching the growth of OpenDoor and other cash offering companies, PRO-formance has taken massive action. Although PRO-formace has been a leader in innovation, training, support and agent success, we’ve added the Low cost/high value equation to our culture to help combat cash brokerages playing their slide-of-hand games. Of course these companies would debate this rigorously, however they would never contend that selling to them is always in the best interest of the sellers. Sometimes it is, most times, it is not.
It is PRO-formance’s belief that if you do not charge an owner to sell their home, the seller can choose to either lower the price a bit to sell quickly or to have the ability to delay gratification and net a much higher net return upon the sale of their home.
It is also Pro-formance’s belief that if agents can delay their gratification and take a commission split on the buy-side only of our clients move, it will make it enormously difficult for cash buyer brokerages to realize a profit and soon would fall to the pressure.
Understanding however, if a client is moving out of state, it would be left up to the listing agents and clients to negotiate a reasonable commission. With this said, it is up to each agent in Pro-formance to determine how he or she will set the commission split, it is not a company policy only a suggestion.
While most brokerages are raising the cost to agents to work with them, (because of the onset of the OpenDoor type companies now taking a large portion of the buy and sell side of deals) PRO-formance has cut its fees more than half while maintaining our high standards to help agents maintain their profitability.

Pro-formance Advantage

· Value

· Innovation

· Support

· Mentor training


Pro-formance Realty Concept’s value is un-matched. Not only does PRO-formance charge the lowest “Fee” in the industry ($150 fee per/transaction) period, the benefit of having an active advocate and practitioner Owner/Designated Broker in our local market is priceless! Rudy has served at the highest levels in WEMAR as President, served on ARMLS and PAR committees and personally knows both the attorney and the CEO of the Arizona Association of Realtors.
Rudy knows the Arizona Department of Real Estate's Commissioner Judy Lowe and Pro-formance Realty is on the Arizona Department of Real Estate’s Honor Roll. Knowing the commissioner and many of the local brokerages owners and Designated Brokers in the valley is a tremendous asset while working cross sales.
Having an Owner/Designate Broker working for you and answering your questions with authority is highly valuable. If Rudy does not know the answer, he can easily make a few phone calls and find the correct answer. Also, when dispute arise between agents, which will happen from time to time, there is a good chance that Rudy knows the Designated broker and together they can get together and work it out without having to go to mediation.
As the owner of PRO-formance Realty, Rudy doesn't need to ask permission of anyone to change rules as long as they are within the ADRE and AAR regulations, meaning that if you want to try something different, he can say yes! Rudy respects Designated Brokers but many of them do not have the ability of approving certain company or franchise policies without the consent of an owner.
The value of working with a family owned company is also very important. Each agent within PRO-formance knows Rudy personally and so will you! As soon as you sign on with PRO-formance, Rudy will begin walking you through the steps of signing up with the local association of realtors and filling out the required PRO-formance forms. After that, it is to the drawing board to map out a plan to get  you working right away.
Every winner was a beginner. If you think you can, you’re probably right! Rudy can’t guarantee your success, only you can, but he promises that no one will try harder than he will to help you succeed!


Innovation has always played a huge key at PRO-formance Realty Concepts. From the selection of the name which includes “Concepts” to the recent logo update, it is always at the forefront of what we focus on.
By being in tune with the ins and outs of the every day lives of realtors and brokerages, we stay on top of the trends and ahead of the curves.
A great example of this is when upon Realizing early that a new company in town, “around 2007” dropped its fees to only $25 per/month and $250 per/transaction, PRO-formance immediately followed suit.
More recently, around the end of 2015, we witnessed the starting of a new trend with companies making cash offers on homes whereas if someone was in need of making a quick move, this company would help them by buying their home for cash and closing quickly.
PRO-formance has hosted many OpenDoor events in 2019, PRO-formance has never or will ever take any consideration from OpenDoor to do this, but does this to help Realtors understand how they can work with OpenDoor if they have a client in need of a quick closing. Although it bothers me in some respect that way too many people are using cash buyers to buy their homes, I also understand that it isn’t the cash buyers fault, it is the home owners who do not understand why it would probably be better for them to test the market.
I do not believe OpenDoor, the first major company I believe locally to do this, realized that it had hit on something that would grow so rapidly. Even our "so called" friends at Zillow, who wrote they would never compete with Realtors, who now do, joined in on the action.
Today, PRO-formance is leading the way by holding the torch of free listings to home sellers making a move locally. PRO-formance agents can sell a home without charging a listing commission and not have to pay the brokerage a split. So, in effect, PRO-formance only gets $75 dollars for 2 transaction! That’s it! By doing this, it opens up the door for every Realtor to be able to compete head to head and effectively and win against cash buying brokerages.

Support Mentoring/Training

Since support and mentoring/training go hand in hand, we will address these both here.
PRO-formance Realty has always prided itself on Realtor relations and training. Realtor relations with their Designated Broker is vitally important. If you don't feel comfortable calling your Designated Broker or are afraid of talking with the DB, you’re starting off on the wrong foot!
The Designated Broker should be your first step in getting situations that arise handled quickly and effectively. You shouldn't have to explain your situation to an Associate Broker acting on behalf of the DB, hoping they do not have to track down the DB to find out the correct answer. You should have a direct line to the "Boss".
If a franchise or brokerage gets so big that it needs to hire brokers to help Realtors out, or if the Designated Broker is too busy to help Realtors when they have challenges, I believe that’s a problem. If you have not met your designated broker, spoke to your DB, know who your DB is or what he/she looks like, there’s a problem. You need to feeable to go straight to the top when you have questions, not get an answer from someone that doesn't fill that position.
Anyone can become a broker if you take the classes and pass the test, but does it mean you are capable of making designated broker type decisions? Heck No! If you call the office and ask for the DB and are handed off to someone who is not the Designated Broker, but a “broker”, do you know what that means? It means they took the classes and passed the test.
This makes them an “associate broker”. Guess how many deals you must close prior to becoming an associate broker? Zero!!!!
I’ve even seen in another company an Associate Broker who had never closed a deal teaching on how to prospect for new clients. Unbelievable! I understand that there will be times when I cannot be reached, but they are so few and far between, it’s almost not worth mentioning. When this may happen, I will let the agents know that they can try me first and if by chance they don’t get me, they can call a top producing agent who I have worked with for a decade, who has closed hundreds of deals is not an associate broker. I would much rather speak with a top producing Realtor who has been in business for many years than an associate broker who hasn't even closed a deal.
When you come to become part of the PRO-formance family, you will be trained by Rudy personally. You will begin prospecting immediately and not taught how to fill out forms. The forms are easy and not necessary until we find you a prospect. Once we find a prospect for you, we will go over the necessary paperwork and the steps involved that will be needed.
There is no need to learn the paperwork for a buyer if you don’t have a buyer yet. If we don’t have a buyer for several months after we already went over the buyers paperwork, chances are, you will have already forgotten everything, it doesn’t make sense.
There are many things to learn as a Realtor, and the best way is to be mentored by someone who has been in the industry nearly 20 years and knows his way around. A Designated Broker and Owner, who has a great reputation with industry leaders, was the top producing Realtor for 3 straight years with a 600-agent company and who has 10 years of serving the industry in which you have chosen, this is a great foundation to build your success.
Yes, the flat fee of $150 dollars per/close, with no other cost period, is a nice bonus, however the family atmosphere, friendships, support and mentoring you will receive will all but insure your success! It's not easy, it takes discipline and determination and knowledgeable support which all will be granted you upon your signing  up
Call today to speak with....."not a hireling", but the Owner/Designated Broker, Rudy @
623.570.9971. PRO-formance Realty "IT'S THE BEST SHOT YOU'VE GOT!"