About Us

Rudy, the Owner/Designated Broker for PRO-formance Realty Concepts, started his career in real estate in March of 2001. He immediately became the top producing Realtor for High Profile Realty a company that would employ over 600 agents and he sold over 30 homes in his first full year. His desire to be the best in the company, led him to be the top listing agent and selling agent for the entirety of his three year stay at High Profile Realty.
 Knowing that his goal was to start his own real estate company, he began immediately taking GRI classes and completed his designation within his first year as a Realtor. Rudy was told that once you finished the GRI program, it would equate to having 5 years of experience as a Realtor.
 Prior to his ability to become a broker, (which requires three years of full-time real estate activity), Rudy began taking his Broker license requirements. By the end of his third year working as an agent, he had finished all the requirements to become an Associate Broker.
Rudy, knowing that it would be in his best interest to also begin serving the industry in which he practiced, joined the Fair Housing Committee at the Phoenix Association of Realtors. Recently, he served four years on the Board of Directors for the West Maricopa Association of Realtors and would eventually go through the ranks of the Executive Board and become the President of WeMAR.
Rudy also would serve on a committee for the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service as well as most the committees at WeMAR. In all, Rudy served 10 years in the industry giving of himself to enhance and further the Realtor profession. Prior to finishing his third year as an active Realtor, he began planning the path that would eventually lead to the startup of PRO-formance Realty Concepts.
Rudy created PRO-formance Realty Concepts in October of 2007. After leaving a franchise that was floundering during the housing bust in 2006, he came up with the name PRO-formance Realty Concepts, which breaks down to PROfessional agents, world class per-FORMANCE= PRO-FORMANCE. Realty of course means real estate and the Concepts came from his belief that he would use new ideas and concepts rather than follow what he had experienced over the prior years.
Rudy’s background of being a pastor, counselor, public speaker, entertainer and top salesman for many years served him well during the growing of PRO-formance. The desire to help others achieve their dreams is his number one passion. The belief that everyone who gets their real estate license has a dream of becoming their own boss, still drives him today.
Today, PRO-formance Realty is an active, growing company of about 70 Realtor. Each Realtor with PRO-formance is treated as part of the family. With PRO-formance's ability to work around Realtor’s crazy schedules, training can be done at just about any time. Knowing that the success rate for rookie Realtors is at an all-time low, Rudy has brought change in the way new Realtors begin their careers.
Because of the size of PRO-formance, and Rudy being the Owner/Designated Broker, he is able to customize almost everything to help agents become successful as soon as possible. It is imperative that agents begin working with clients or prospecting for clients on day 1. Prospecting, according to Rudy, is the only activity in real estate that pays Realtor's $100,000.00 per/year.
PRO-formance Realty has been relatively quiet for the past 10 years due to Rudy’s traveling the country and serving with WeMAR, today however, PRO-formance is leading the industry in new innovated commission structures, training Concepts and awareness of the massive challenges that face Realtors and our industry.